Milne Bay Military Museum WW2 Memorial

Unveiled in 2016 at the Milne Bay Military Museum at O'Quinn Street Toowoomba is an Australian Digger statue memorial dedicated to those who served in World War 2.   J.H. Wagner & Sons were engaged by the Management Committee of Milne Bay Military Museum to design, process and construct the memorial in an entirely new design specifically applicable to the 'Digger' as he served Australia during World War 2.

A granite 'Digger' statue has been fully carved with relaxed profile, slouch hat, full kit, fatigue uniform and separate rifle piece.   Many Digger statues of Australian Soldiers from the World War 1 era used a tree stump carving support to the lower leg area of the statue to provide increased strength in this most vulnerable area.   The granite 'Digger' statue featured on the Milne Bay Military Museum World War 2 Memorial has carved sandbags incorporated into the design in continuation of the separate design to this statue from those of the World War 1 era.

The plinth blocks to the memorial consist of a Sandstone base stone with moulding profile, a Sandstone die block with carved block design and bushhammer texture, a Black granite dedication panel and a Sandstone capping stone with moulding profile.   The black granite dedication panel features our JHW 'Generation Etch' laser etching for letters and map image.

Located at the entrance to the museum grounds between the two flagpoles, the memorial provides an immediate link to the treasures of military history contained within the museum building and carefully maintained by dedicated volunteers.    A visit to the Milne Bay Military Museum is highly recommended, allowing time to reflect at the memorial dedicated to the brave service people who defended Australia.

Milne Bay Military Museum WW2 Memorial

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