Monumental Services

J.H. Wagner & Sons is a family owned Monumental Masonry specialist provider.

If taking a walk through over one hundred Cemeteries in the South East  Queensland and Northern New South Wales area you may notice the trademarks of John Henry (Harry) Wagner and his descendants as the tradition of monumental work is passed from one generation to the next.  

Our monumental section was the start of the family business established in 1896 by John Henry Wagner who had completed his monumental trade at Bruce Brothers, another Toowoomba business which unfortunately has since ceased to operate.  John Henry Wagner was known as Harry and many of the monuments and headstones which still stand as testament to his skill bear the trademark 'H. Wagner'.

The design and style of monuments has changed dramatically since 1896 with smaller memorials and personalised designs now more common.  Monumental service is no longer the largest proportion of the J.H. Wagner & Sons' company, however the pride of these works is full recognised.  The enjoyment of working in stone in complimented by many products and quality service available from J.H. Wagner & Sons.  Restoration, Bronze Plaques, Ceramic Photos, Laser Etching, Vases, Statues, Ornaments, Marble Chips, Designs and Artwork are just brief descriptions of JHW products and services.

After more that 120 years the tradition and skill continues and strengthens; our staff can assist you in design, local government and particular Cemetery requirements, pricing, manufacture and installation as well as refurbishment, restoration, repair and clean-up work.

We invite you to view the extensive displays, photographs available here on our website and also our personalised service available at our Toowoomba office and the works display at our Sumner Park Brisbane office.  With the opportunity to assist you with a quality selection we provide professional and courteous attention from quoting to completion.  For family orientated service, an extensive product display at our Toowoomba office and a convenient location for you to visit, browse and obtain monumental services we invite you to experience more than just the tradition of J.H. Wagner & Sons.

*Appointments for monumental enquiries should be made by contacting the Toowoomba office - 4634 7422.

Children's character shaped headstone by J.H. Wagner & Sons, Toowoomba Queensland
Custom tractor shaped headstone by J.H. Wagner & Sons, Toowoomba Queensland

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