25th Battalion Memorial Toowoomba

The memorial of the 25th Battalion located at Mothers' Memorial Gardens, East Creek Park Toowoomba was the first Australian 'Digger' soldier statue to be included on a public memorial within Toowoomba.   For those of the 25th Battalion, being the first was not unusual and in conflict service it was the 25th Battalion which faced some of the most extreme fighting and heaviest casualties in Australia's military history.   From formation as a Darling Downs Toowoomba based regiment the 25th Battalion continues to have a strong association with the Toowoomba area.

The 25th Battalion Memorial Toowoomba features a fully carved granite 'Digger' soldier statue in World War 1 uniform.   The 'Digger' soldier statue has been carved from one piece of granite and stands in 'Reflection' position.   Three heights of the Granite WW1 'Reflection' soldier statue are offered by J.H. Wagner & Sons at 1370mm high, 1500mm high and 1800mm high.   In addition to the 1370mm high statue, the 25th Battalion Memorial has a Sandstone die block with backpunched finish, a recessed Bronze dedication plaque and a Sandstone mower strip base.

25th Battalion Memorial Toowoomba
Australian 'Digger' Soldier Statues from J.H. Wagner & Sons ~

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