Australian 'Digger' Soldier Statue

 The Australian 'Digger' soldier statue crafted by J.H. Wagner & Sons using Helidon Sandstone, Granite and Bronze.

Australia possesses a strong national identity which has seen our service men and women serve and protect our country with pride and honour.   The loss and sacrifice of many fine Australians achieves remembrance in a wide variety of forms, but it is the Australian 'Digger' statue which is often seen as the most traditional and emotional detail of a war memorial.

J.H. Wagner & Sons has crafted a range of Australian 'Digger' Soldier Statues in styles of World War 1 uniforms and World War 2 uniform.   These 'Digger' statues are manufactured in our world class Australian Helidon Sandstone, a range of granites and bronze.

The experience of J.H. Wagner & Sons' stonemasons has permitted the repair of time worn statues as well as the replication of vandalised Digger Statues on many valued memorials through-out Queensland.  Our company has also provided new statues and public memorials for an extensive variety of purposes including school founders and recent war conflicts.

We currently hold six styles of Australian 'Digger' statues in stock with some options of statue heights available.   In addition to these 'Digger' statues we are able to offer the custom manufacture of statues to suit client requirements.

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