Hatton Vale Apostolic 125 Years

 Hatton Vale Apostolic Church historical markers supplied and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

2008 marked 125 years of the Hatton Vale Apostolic Church and in recognition of this occasion a Rocky Grey granite boulder and bronze dedication plaque were supplied and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons.  In preparation of the 125 year celebration the Church community carried out extensive cleaning works within the Hatton Vale Apostolic Cemetery and conducted research into grave sites located in the historical cemetery.  A large cast bronze plaque supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons lists the names of those interred in the historical cemetery and is now fixed onto a granite boulder. 

Recognising and celebrating the importance of Family, the community of Hatton Vale Apostolic Church commissioned a sculptured sandstone block from J.H. Wagner & Sons in 2015.   The large form block features a carved bas relief family of five sculpture on one face with a 'V' cut incised 4R emblem on the opposite face.   The carving stone has been completed with a sandstone capping block featuring rockfaced edges and a cast bronze dedication plaque.

The design of the bas relief family sculpture has been chosen to provide fine detail while maintaining the bulk density of the stone and not exposing small areas such as fingers to risk of accidental damage.   Consideration was also given to creating a family image which was not defined by a particular period of time.


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