Lawn Plaques

Lawn Plaques by J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

J.H. Wagner & Sons have been supplying Granite, Bronze and Marble plaques since 1896.  While lawn cemeteries and Lawn Plaques are more a product of the last 40 years the monumental experience passed through four generations of the Wagner family will provide you with a memorial which will be viewed and appreciated by future generations. 

When designing a lawn plaque for a cemetery there may be size restrictions which must be followed.  Within certain cemeteries, the area described as a lawn section may actually be a concrete strip with a reclining desk headstone.  For these areas we invite you to view our reclining desk headstones in sandstone and granite.

At J.H. Wagner & Sons we complete installations in over 100 cemeteries and can take care of all the applications and paperwork so that you can focus on designing a remembrance plaque for your loved one.

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