Garden Series Granite Plaque Bases

Garden Series granite plaque bases by JHW

provide numerous options for decorative support of small form memorial plaques

and suit ashes gardens and private memorial gardens.

The Garden Series by JHW

is a decorative selection of granite plaque bases suitable for private memorial gardens and dedicated ashes memorial sections of Cemetery gardens. 

Supplied in natural granite with waterjet cut profiles, these attractive bases provide a textured (exfoliated) surface finish or an artistic laser etched finish on the black granite 'Etched Wood' plaque base.  

Our Garden Series plaque bases suit the attachment of Bronze, Aluminium and Black granite plaques, either as individual memorials or subject to the plaque size chosen, between two and four plaques.  

For enhanced aesthetic beauty, you may also wish to have the granite plaque base supplied in polished black granite and laser etched with inscription and any chosen images.

When positioned in conjunction with a peaceful landscape or a fragrant garden of roses, these decorative granite plaque bases provide an organic simplicity that compliments the natural environment. 

Garden Series granite plaque bases suit placement into a mulched garden or with surround of a pebble border.

JHW can also manufacture to your own custom design, for example a car, tractor, handbag or animal design.

Dimensions shown are approximate overall sizes of the granite plaque base and have not been displayed by accurate scale to adjoining designs.

Garden Series Granite Plaque Bases

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