Laser Etching Lawn Plaques

Granite Lawn Plaques using 'Generation Etch' laser etching by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The application of our 'Generation Etch' laser etching is no more favorable than in the area of Lawn Cemeteries.  As these areas bear the harshest of conditions having a product that does not wear, fade or need to be re-painted is ideal.  While the other applications such as incised or raised inscription or bronze plaques are still great long lasting products they unfortunately, are subject to wear and tear.  The added feature with our 'Generation Etch' laser etching is that we can work with your selected images to create something that is very personable and honoring to the memory of your loved ones.  

To read more about 'Generation Etch' Laser Etching by J.H. Wagner & Sons see here.

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