Double Monuments

Double Monuments supplied and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

A Double Monument is the name used by J.H. Wagner & Sons to describe a memorial structure which has a floor covering two adjoining cemetery plots.  J.H. Wagner & Sons have been supplying Double Monuments and monumental services since 1896.  Please browse these pages of Double Monuments to consider floor styles, materials and headstone shapes.   We invite you to select a Double Monument as shown or mix and match and custom design to your own requirements.

Many Cemeteries now permit double depth burials, so a Double Monument could be used for up to four people or perhaps more if inserting ashes.  A Double Monument can be constructed by J.H. Wagner & Sons so that each side or one side can be re-opened without damaging the structure.  The opened side will need to have a re-seal of the concrete floor and the appropriate floor covering ~ marble or granite chips, tiles or ledger reinstated with these services being available from JHW.  Cleaning and restoration services, heritage conservation works and design upgrades are each available from J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The components of a Double Monument supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons can be changed to suit your requirements, for example if the monument adjoins another monument structure and you have chosen a granite monument to be installed, the unseen side against the adjoining structure may not require a polished granite veneer and we can therefore save you some cost.  Please speak to the helpful staff of J.H. Wagner & Sons for the best style of monument to suit your needs.

The monument size description is taken from the number of Cemetery plots, therefore a single plot is referred to as a Single Monument, two adjoining plots a Double Monument and three adjoining plots a Treble Monument or perhaps a Family Monument.  J.H. Wagner & Sons provide full manufacture and installation of Monuments to suit each of these size options with many product choices available in headstones, photographs and floor styles. 

J.H. Wagner & Sons will travel to your location and install Double Monuments with floor styles and headstone shapes to your selection or we can also provide the monument components direct to the public.  When a second burial has taken place, J.H. Wagner & Sons also offer re-sealing and inscription works to restore the monument back to the best possible condition.   

With trends towards Lawn Cemeteries it can be easy to overlook the prevailing weather conditions in Australia and imagine a green expanse of grass surounding each of the plaques, however in reality many of our rural areas have a dry climate leaving the Cemeteries bare of grass.  In selecting a Double Monument,  you gain the advantage of a fully covered monumental plot with neat appearance and options to minimise maintenance requirements.

The floor styles of Double Monuments supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons are each completed on a concrete foundation and options include loose covering of marble or granite chips, stamped Trace Tile Pattern, Sandstone and Granite tile floors and Sandstone and Granite ledger styles.

Investing in a Double Monument can be confusing with the extensive range of styles and material choices, however at J.H. Wagner & Sons we take the time to discuss your requirements, providing easy to understand descriptions, diagrams, comprehensive Double Monument photo examples, quality monument components and full written quotes and order specifications.  When your selection of a Double Monument is completed, J.H. Wagner & Sons' qualified and experienced Stone Masons will carry out installation including submitting Council application forms and permit fees where required.

Double Monuments with Trace Tiles Pattern Floor supplied and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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