Columbarium and Niche

J.H. Wagner & Sons offer an extensive range of options for columbarium walls and niche facilities.  Select from designs previously manufactured by JHW and shown below, or discuss design and construct options with the JHW team.

Columbarium Wall 24 niche JHW
Columbarium wall curved JHW
Columbarium ashes wall JHW
Black granite columbarium wall by JHW
Columbarium and niche walls from J.H. Wagner & Sons
Pillar niche for ashes by JHW
Niche pedestal from J H Wagner & Sons
Carved stone memorial pieces from J H Wagner & Sons

Options for carved images as alternatives to carved Lotus Flower.

Ashes rose garden from JHW
Sandstone columbarium wall from J.H. Wagner & Sons

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