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Bronze plaques from J.H. Wagner & Sons are fully cast with quality Australian manufacturing.  Choose from standard shapes and sizes or have a bronze plaque custom crafted to suit your needs.  J.H. Wagner & Sons provide bronze motif designs from a large library collection including religious, floral, automobile, animal and sport collections that may be added as optional decorations to your chosen bronze plaque.  For that little extra decoration, please also consider colouring motifs or the full plaque background, or perhaps add a high quality Graphic Colour Ceramic Photo.

 Bronze plaque sizes available;

559mm x 305mm, 559mm x 280mm, 533mm x 432mm, 480mm x 330mm, 400mm x 365mm, 380mm x 280mm - Single, Double & Triple Inscription options

 Detachable plates suitable for base plate size  380mm x 280mm, 380mm x 229mm, 380mm x 216mm, 559mm x 280mm, 559mm x 305mm.

Book Plaques; 380mm x 280mm, 559mm x 280mm, 559mm x 305mm - Single Inscription

Book Plaques; 559mm x 280mm, 559mm x 305mm - Double Inscription

Bronze plaques from J.H. Wagner & Sons. Page 2

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