People's Place Parkland

Processing and installation of Brisbane Porphyry by J.H. Wagner & Sons for the People's Place Parkland, Brisbane. 

The closure of the Kangaroo Point TAFE complex resulted in the redevelopment of the site by the Queensland State Government to provide for open space parkland in 2009.

The vicinity of the project in relation to the iconic Kangaroo Point cliffs made the use of Brisbane Porphyry, sometimes known as Brisbane 'Tuff' a high priority.  Using reclaimed Brisbane Porphyry boulder material obtained from the site with earthwork preparations, J.H. Wagner & Sons processed the stone material into rockfaced Ashlar pattern walling, Irregular Colonial Walling and diamond sawn crazy paving.

'Rockfaced' Ashlar pattern walling on the stair walls (see right) and amenities block wall (see page 2) have been adhesive fixed as stone cladding to blockwork and form work.   Porphyry Irregular Colonial Walling is split 100mm thick stone and has been installed as garden walling with concrete core fill (see top right).  Diamond sawn Porphyry Crazy Paving is adhesive fixed to concrete paths with a cement mortar infill (see paving top right & page 2). 

The People's Place Parkland, Brisbane Stonework

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