Ashlar Colonial Walling

Ashlar Colonial Walling is the authentic split Helidon Sandstone product from J.H. Wagner & Sons; from the product name to production and supply, the quality of this product will be enjoyed for years to come.  Available for natural stone veneer wall cladding and wall construction.


Ashlar Colonial Walling is the premium split Colonial Walling product.  It is natural Helidon Sandstone that has been split on the face and all edges and shaped into square and rectangular pieces.  The regular shape ensures minimal wastage, negligible sorting and faster install.

Ashlar Colonial Walling is the top grade material in the Colonial Walling range.  The thickness is approximately 100mm, though it can be sawn in half for facing to be glued to an existing wall or made thicker for solid walls.

Choose from Ashlar Colonial Walling Trimmed, approximately 100mm thick, Ashlar Colonial Walling Untrimmed, may be 60mm ~ 140mm thick, or Ashlar Colonial Walling Sawn Back approximately 40mm ~ 60mm thick.

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