Granite Pavers

Exfoliated / flamed granite paving from J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

J.H. Wagner & Sons stock a great selection of exfoliated / flamed granite pavers ready for your project.  We also manufacture to order for that unique size, thickness, pattern and colour.  In addition to many private projects J.H. Wagner & Sons is proud to have been a supplier of exfoliated and bright etched granite paving for Brisbane commercial projects including Queen Street Mall, the Inner Northern Busway Project and King George Square redevelopment.

Exfoliated / flamed granite paving is an excellent option for paths, patios, pool surrounds and verandahs around the home and it is also the paving medium of choice for commercial and government projects.

At J.H. Wagner & sons we hold stocks of 400mm x 400mm x 20mm exfoliated pavers in Black, Gunmetal Grey and Light Yellow granite;

20mm thick stocks in a variety of sizes in Autumn Yellow, White-Grey and Gunmetal Grey granite; plus  material resources stocks in Isa Rose, Isa Bronze, Grandee Grey, Austral Black, Harcourt, Toowoomba Coral, JHW Juperana, Aurora, Forest Green, Green Valley, Sunset Pink and Tan Brown. 

To view project supply in Austral Juparana, Austral Coffee and  Wavelet Yellow click on these links.

For the exposed edges of pool coping or paved areas we provide the perfect solution with rebated coping tiles and bullnose edge tiles.

Exfoliated / flamed granite is the logical choice for pool surrounds, offering slip resistance and salt resistance.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions, the opportunities to use granite paving are endless.  Contact the friendly staff of J.H. Wagner & Sons to discuss your project requirements.

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Exfoliated flamed granite paving from J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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