King George Square Brisbane

The redevelopment of King George Square in Brisbane was a continuation of Brisbane City Council's streetscape plan to beautify the inner city areas of Brisbane and a core element was the selection of suitable paving materials.  J.H. Wagner & Sons was successful in the bid to supply exfoliated Oyster Pearl granite paving for the stage 1 works to compliment the nearby exfoliated Australian Midnight Rose granite and Australian Adelaide Black granite paving previously supplied by our company in the Queen Street Mall.  In addition to the exfoliated Oyster Pearl granite paving, J.H. Wagner & Sons also supplied wall cladding tiles, the Black granite braille tiles (sometimes referred to as tactiles), black granite stair nosings, black granite planters, black granite seats and polished black granite cladding for the statue base. 

Exfoliated or flamed granite paving is highly recommended for high traffic pedestrian access areas.  The textured face performs very well under the guidelines for slip resistance and the hardness of the granite provides excellent durability.  


Granite for the King George Square supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.
King George Square granite by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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