Granite Crazy Paving

The quality of granite paving, the appeal of a crazy pattern and the aesthetic choice of Light Yellow Granite ensure that any project completed with Granite Crazy Paving from J.H. Wagner & Sons will look outstanding. 

Light Yellow Granite Crazy Paving is available in sheets 510mm x 510mm x 25mm; ready to install.

Supplied with an exfoliated face for slip resistance, Light Yellow Granite Crazy Paving is suitable for paths, patios, verandahs, pool surrounds and driveways.  It can also be used for wall cladding.

The shaping work is already done with the sheets fitting together by glue fixing onto a concrete base slab.

Once layed, the installer can choose a grout colour to compliment the Light Yellow Granite.

J.H. Wagner & Sons can also provide granite crazy paving in Gunmetal Grey, Black, Porphyry, Greeen and Red with these colours being supplied to order.

View Exfoliated / Flamed granite colours. 

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