Toowoomba Bluestone

Toowoomba Bluestone Walling processed & installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

The project photos below show Ashlar (square and rectangular shaped) split Bluestone Walling.  While commonly referred to in the Toowoomba area as Bluestone, this stone is also known as Basalt.  J.H. Wagner & Sons offer split Toowoomba Bluestone (Basalt) in Ashlar ~ square and rectangular shapes and Irregular split with both styles of walling being produced in thicknesses of approximately 100mm.  We also offer a split Basalt paver approximately 600mm x 300mm x 60/70mm thick which is perfect for a use as capping to a wall constructed with Toowoomba Bluestone or as paving for landscape symmetry.

Toowoomba Bluestone (Basalt) Walling

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