Basalt Products

 Basalt and Bluestone Products by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The dark tones of Basalt and the texture achieved in a split finish have always been two of the favourite reasons for selecting this very hard and durable stone.  Open pores and air pocket holes visible in some pieces also make an interesting contrast to the dark black and dark grey tones.   Using to full advantage the best of stone processing techniques, J.H. Wagner & Sons have added more dimensions to the appeal of Basalt and products are now available with sawn finishes, exfoliated (flamed) faces, chisel finishes and honed finishes.  Our local Toowoomba area has always been recognised for its tree lined streets, Bluestone (Basalt) gutters and Bluestone (Basalt) paving and for J.H. Wagner & Sons to be able to offer both our Helidon Sandstone and a comprehensive range of Basalt products is a genuine bonus for anyone wise enough to enjoy the use of natural stone.

Basalt Products by J.H. Wagner & Sons
Split basalt paving J H Wagner
Basalt Crazy Paving J H Wagner
Basalt Pavers J.H. Wagner & Sons

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