Sandstone Balusters & Balustrade

Sandstone Balusters made by J.H. Wagner & Sons are the post or column component of railing with Sandstone Balustrade, the top capping pieces, also made by J.H. Wagner & Sons to complete a stunning set for stairs or building railing.  To manufacture natural Helidon Sandstone Balusters we have engineered custom machinery and tooling to permit start to finish processing faster than any other technique; our Helidon Sandstone is therefore not only desired world wide, JHW processing is leading the way for processing of all types of Sandstone into balusters and balustrade. 

Manufacturing Sandstone Balusters used to be a very slow process and therefore many of the restoration works involving public buildings with Sandstone Balusters and Sandstone Balustrade were at risk of being lost to concrete type products.

With the techniques and technology developed by J.H. Wagner & Sons we have been successful in supplying stone balusters and balustrade for the Bellagio Casino in the United States of America, the redevelopment of Cathedral Place in Brisbane and the restoration of Sydney Central Railway Station. 

For your Sandstone Baluster and Balustrade requirements select from JHW standard profiles or have your own profile made to order.

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