Bellagio Casino Las Vegas USA

 Sandstone Balustrading for the Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas USA manufactured by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

Chips down!  Winning a contract to supply Sandstone balustrading for the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas USA called for J.H. Wagner & Sons to commit high stakes on a world wide stage of stone supply.  Initially coming to the table in competition to stone balastrades from Italy the process of having JHW Helidon Sandstone chosen for this project was an outstanding success.  The project supply time frame was extremely intense, prompting our decision to gamble on a more automated process of baluster and balustrade railing processing.  In making this decision, custom designed and manufactured tooling was developed by the team at JHW and quickly put into production.  By the time this tooling was ready for production the final deadline of shipping date could have been in jeopardy should the automated process have failed; fortunately we can advise a successful outcome prevailed.  For large quantity supply of Helidon Sandstone balusters J.H. Wagner & Sons can proudly claim to have the fastest production capabilities in the world.  Of course, speed has in no way comprimised the fine quality of our Helidon Sandstone balustrading.    

Bellagio Las Vegas Casino USA
Sandstone Balustrading at the Bellagio Las Vegas Casino USA




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