Russell Mineral Equipment

Stone supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons for the Russell Mineral Equipment new Administration Complex, Toowoomba, Queensland.

During 2009, the construction of the new Russell Mineral Equipment engineering facility and administration complex in Toowoomba was commissioned.  J.H. Wagner & Sons was selected for the supply of the Australian Adelaide Black granite administration feature wall, stair treads, reception counter top and boardroom table base.

A model of engineering equipment manufactured by RME has been displayed protruding from an Australian Adelaide Black granite monolith feature wall.  18 pieces of Adelaide Black granite facing pieces 30mm thick have been cut from block, polished, detailed and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The RME company logo is proudly displayed in gilded finish with a signature 'Vein' artwork gilded.

Russell Mineral Equipment granite supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.
Black granite reception counter supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The administration area is stunning, right from when you enter at the front door with a single 'L" shaped polished Australian Adelaide Black granite top adorning the reception counter with polished grey granite tile facing.  The Adelaide Black granite top has been supplied and installed by J.H. Wagner & Sons in custom thickness of 52mm.  The granite top is polished on five edges with splayed edge to compliment adjoining finishes of the stair treads.

Using the Australian Adelaide Black granite for the boardroom table base ensured a very lasting impression.  Solid base construction of 1200mm x 623mm x 250mm, all polished.

Granite Boardroom table base supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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