Marble Statues

 Marble Statues from J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The diverse forms and styles of carved statues available at J.H. Wagner & Sons continue to change with new ideas, shapes, material colours and application, however in the case of our Marble Lady Statue range we have achieved another combination, high quality beautiful carved Marble Statues in classical European style at prices that would make an inferior cast or moulded statue blush.  JHW Marble statues are carved and crafted from natural, solid stone in a selection of colour tones including Travertine, Beige Marble and White Marble.  When you view the J.H. Wagner & Sons carved Marble Statue range you will also be able to appreciate another great feature, these statues can be placed inside the home or can adorn your landscaped garden. 

You have read correctly, J.H. Wagner & Sons Marble Statues are made from natural stone and are fully carved; forget resins and concrete you deserve a quality statue that will last as another achievement of great value for money and fine taste.

Marble Statues by J.H. Wagner & Sons

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