Tech Spec

Technical Specifications for Generation Etch by J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

Please do not supply your only photo; we need to use the photo as a working media and damage to the photo cannot be completely eliminated.  A 6” x 4” snapshot size photo is suitable.  We recommend having the photo printed by a Photo Lab on gloss paper.

Matt photo paper and printing on home based colour printers may reduce the image quality when the photo is scanned in preparation for laser etching computer set-out.

J.H. Wagner & Sons’ computer layout of photo images will permit some minor corrections to be made, such as the selection of a single person from a group photograph.

If supplying the images in electronic format e.g. digital photos on CD; the image should be supplied at minimum quality of 300 dpi (dots per inch) at A4 size.  As the image size increases above A4 size the dpi quality will also need to increase.  Please view Image Properties to assess the actual image size and dpi.

Electronic file images should be supplied as jpeg or Bitmap format only.

The actual process of Generation Etch laser etching is dots burnt by laser into the polished face of the Black granite, sometimes overlapping or joining together to create the image or letter.  The laser does not shade the image but relies on colour contrast within a Gray scale of white to black.  To gain a very basic view of how a colour photo will appear if laser etched, photocopy the colour photo using monotone (black) on white paper.


Laser etching requires a flat level surface on the Black granite with the large bed area of our laser machine permitting stones up to 2440mm x 1220mm x 600mm high to be etched.  Tapered stones, including headstones, are also able to be etched providing the surface of the stone can be levelled within the machine dimensions as shown.

Generation Etch laser etching is available directly to the public, Councils, corporations and monumental masonry companies using stone supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons or stone supplied by the client.

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