St. John's Cathedral

The construction of St. John's Cathedral in Brisbane Queensland has a history spanning more than one hundred years and is recognised within three major stages of works to complete the building to the original design.   The commencement of Stage 3 construction of the south west porch in 1989 was a challenging but greatly successful project completed by the master stone masons of J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

Processing of Brisbane Porphyry and J.H. Wagner & Sons' Helidon Sandstone took place at our Toowoomba factory and passed great scrutiny in the use of modern technology and machinery to re-produce finishes and skills from a much earlier time frame.  Our stone masons then carried out installation including porphyry walling, sandstone columns, sandstone arches, spires, gables, sandstone vaulted ceiling and sandstone rose window framing. 

A controversial and costly decision by Church administrators to then establish their own works gang and purchase their own quarry after completion of the south west porch has allowed the construction to continue but at a much greater expense. 


St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane
St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane

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