Oak Village Country Club Japan

Oak Village Country Club in Japan was first presented to our company as a desire to use stone walling similar to a single photograph image and finish the building with natural slate roofing tiles.  Our splitface Helidon sandstone walling was nominated as the walling type best able to reproduce the style shown in the photograph image.  Following initial approval by the architects a small scale sample construction was completed to demonstrate the combination of our Helidon Sandstone splitface walling and the slate roofing tiles.   The project then proceeded into full scale production and as shown below the finished project exceeded all expectations with its aesthetic beauty and inviting atmosphere. 

Due to high labour costs for onsite construction within Japan, all pieces of our Sandstone splitface walling were cut to the required project sizes and numbered to allow for efficient site installation.  Sandstone splitface walling is typically supplied as split finish on the front and back faces with the four sides of the stones a sawn finish.  Splitface walling may also be supplied with a sawn back and with split ends if needed.  Stones are provided as finished on one front face only.


Oak Village Country Club Sandstone Walling by J.H. Wagner & Sons.



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