Granite Boat Sculpture

 Granite Sculpture Products by J.H. Wagner & Sons.


Project conception, design and works of Hew Chee Fong

"The archetypal symbolism and powerful sculptural forms associated with boats is explored in our interpretation of the 'seachange' theme.

Redcliffe and Moreton Bay have always been attractive places for those seeking an unrestricted lifestyle in beautiful, natural surroundings.  The various allures associated with this idealized lifestyle form the theme of our narrative based sculpture installation.

The boats in the first instance directly represent 'first settlement' of Redcliffe and indirectly: the 'journey', discovery and the passage of time.  Smaller, traditional forms of boats have played an integral role in the settlement and subsequent livelihood of the area.  Associated in the past with the fishing industry and today with the role of tourism, affluence and leisure, the forms also intentionally echo and allude to the Bay's sea creatures such as whales, dolphins, dugongs and turtles." 

Hew Chee Fong

Granite Boat Sculpture
Granite Sculpture Boats
Granite Boat

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