Waterjet Toowoomba

From art to engineering, aesthetic to architectural, practical to novel, designer and detailed, Waterjet Cutting provides a processing application that takes out difficult and replaces it with success.

J.H. Wagner & Sons now offers Waterjet Toowoomba, our 5 axis waterjet cutter offering accurate cutting in stone including sandstone, granite, marble, basalt, porphyry and limestone, man made engineered stones, composite materials, ceramic and porcelain tiles, aluminium, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, rubber, glass, vinyl and plastic.

With the ability to cut up to 200mm thick materials, a large work table size and efficient automation of materials handling we are ready to cut for you.

Benefits of waterjet cutting:-

Have your materials cut as needed and achieve instant savings in your processing overheads.

Accurate finishing in very high detail with cut quality far superior to many other methods of cutting.   Waterjets offer better tolerances than other profiling methods on parts thicker than 12.7mm.

Efficient use of materials for both small and large quantities, minimising your waste cost.

Detailed inlay patterns are achievable in sandstone, granite, marble, basalt, man-made engineered stones, ceramic tiles, glass and porcelain.  Also suitable for the inset of other materials such as floor wastes and fixing holes.

J.H. Wagner & Sons will not be your competitor; we do not supply aluminium, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, rubber or glass - we just process for you, so no need to worry that your enquiry actually provides information to your competitor.

Improved processing safety ~ it may have always been done that way, but was it safe?  Waterjet cutting eliminates the risks that other forms of cutting may cause such as noxious fumes, heat, fire and material warping.   Waterjet cutting is also environmentally friendly, using garnet as the abrasive material as a non-reactive mineral, non toxic and biologically inert material.  

Waterjet cutting does not heat, therefore the cut material will not suffer from heat-affected zone (HAZ) or thermal distortion.

Our convenient location in Toowoomba allows us to service the Darling Downs region with freight handling suitable for small vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers and b-doubles.   In processing our stone products we distribute finished materials all around Australia.

Getting started:-

We can work with your designs and drawings, even photograph based designs.   Either supply a CAD based drawing dwg or dxf file or JHW can provide the digital drawings for waterjet cutting.  

Waterjet Cutting Toowoomba by J.H. Wagner & Sons

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