Tumbled Yellow Granite

European style, old city charm?  Tumbled Yellow Granite from J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

Tumbled Yellow Granite is provided in 40mm thickness and is suitable for paving or walling applications.

The front face and top edges of the Yellow Granite have been chiselled and then tumbled to achieve the classic soft look of time worn granite.

While the thickness permits Tumbled Yellow Granite to be installed onto a compacted base, we recommend glue fixing onto a concrete base to achieve a first class project.

For grouting the granite paving or walling some options will include the choice of colour and the joint finish - flush or raked.

The square and rectangular pieces make installation of Tumbled Granite an easy option for paving and wall facing.

Tumbled Yellow Granite is provided in a combination of piece sizes including 290mm x 290mm, 290mm x 190mm, 190mm x 190mm, 190mm x 90mm and 90mm x 90mm.

Other sizes, colours and thicknesses can be quoted upon request.

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For something even more unique send us your photo snapshots of stone paving and we will source the materials in the quantity, sizes and finishes to make your project the next wonder of the world.

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