Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones are the ideal material to complete any garden, landscape or feature design from coast to country.  Use Tumbled Stones inside the home or in the yard ~ around greenhouses, in water features, as a cover for planter boxes or pot plants, decoration in formal or casual gardens, feature ground cover and many other purposes.

A distinct advantage of Tumbled Stones is the varying sizes and mixed colour that permit the natural Helidon Sandstone to create a striking effect and unique appearance.  The size of the stones is not graded and will therefore include pieces from small egg dimensions up to approximately cricket ball size that can be easily mixed as the stones are placed.

The custom process of tumbling sandstone creates unique random shapes with rounded profiles, indents and textures in forms complimenting all elements of nature.  A total colour scheme is easily achieved when combining Tumbled Stones with other natural stone landscaping products.

Packaging options include:-

Bulk bin quantity - cardboard product bin (container) packed onto a standard size pallet. 

The coverage per bin when placed as a 75mm thick layer of stones is approximately 11.5 square metres.

Loose - available from factory only with loading onto suitable trailer or vehicle by mini loader.

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