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The Australian 'Digger' Soldier Statue hand carved by J.H. Wagner & Sons using Helidon Sandstone. 

The Australian 'Digger' Soldier Statue is hand carved by J.H. Wagner & Sons from one piece of Helidon Sandstone and two styles of the Sandstone Digger statues are currently in stock.  In addition to our Sandstone WW1 'Digger' statue in two styles, we offer granite and bronze 'Digger' statues in a range of styles including a granite 'Digger' statue in WW2 profile.   A subsiduary of J.H. Wagner & Sons, the company of F. Williams & Co originally located in Ipswich is credited with many of the Queensland War Memorials. 

In continuing the skills and traditions of J.H. Wagner & Sons and F. Williams & Co, our stonemasons have successfully carved replacement slouch hats, rifles and hands for statues which have been vandalised.   For selection of a 'Digger' statue from the JHW range or for custom manufacture to your requirements, please contact J.H. Wagner & Sons.

The photograph images shown below are from the Western Suburbs War Memorial in Ipswich Queensland.   This monument had for many years been missing the 'Digger' statue following vandalism.   In addition to cleaning and restoration works on the Western Suburbs War Memorial, J.H. Wagner & Sons manufactured a fully carved Sandstone 'Digger' statue from one piece of stone.   The 'Digger' statue is approximately 1690mm high and is also available from JHW stock as our 'Style 1' Digger. 

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Australian Soldier statue J H Wagner

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