Stathi Katsidis Statue

Stathi Katsidis statue at Clifford Park Racecourse manufactured by J.H. Wagner & Sons. 

The unfortunate death of champion jockey Stathi Katsidis inspired the Katsidis family and friends to commission a life sized carved Sandstone statue for unveiling at the 2011 Wheatwood Cup racing carnival at Clifford Park Racecourse, Toowoomba on 31st March 2011.  In securing the commission to supply the memorial to Stathi, J.H. Wagner & Sons were faced with a very short supply time frame and the need to integrate a real likeness in the from of the life size statue.    The task of preparing a mock-up in appropriate attire and pose, stone preparation and detailed carving was completed at the Toowoomba factory of J.H. Wagner & Sons.   While the supply time was much shorter than the ideal processing time, the finished statue represents the very best of ability and skill in stone carving and has been well received and applauded by the racing community.

The statue of Stathi Katsidis has been erected onto a sandstone plinth block with a Black granite panel listing Stathi's major racing achievements and a 'Generation Etch' laser etched portrait.


Stathi Katsidus Statue
Stathi Katsidus Statue

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