Single Monuments Page 21

 At J.H. Wagner & Sons we encourage our clients to explore the extensive range of memorial styles, materials and design flexibility which our company has been providing for 117 years.  While some of our plaques, headstones and monuments will offer a more 'traditional' style, we recognise the importance of allowing families a unique 'one of a kind' memorial with their input of design and personal selections.  J.H. Wagner & Sons have established a working relationship with photographic experts, Councils and commissioned artists to facilitate custom designs and we offer this service to each client.

The single monument of Samuel Beveridge uses a combination of Kashmir Gold granite, Green granite and bronze sculpture.  Artist and sculptor Dr. Rhyl Hinwood designed and fabricated the bronze components of this monument.  Rhyl has worked extensively in timber, sandstone, granite, marble and bronze and her works are highly valued within the art and education communities.


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