Seconds Colonial Sandstone

Catering for every budget J.H. Wagner & Sons offers Seconds Colonial Sandstone in product bins for easy transport ~ available from Toowoomba or Brisbane offices, bulk supply from the Helidon Quarry or select and load from the Toowoomba factory.   

Seconds Colonial Sandstone is split on the face and all edges, absolutely random in size, colour, thickness and shape.  For low garden edges or an informal garden landscape, Seconds Colonial Sandstone is the cost effective solution.

Seconds Colonial Sandstone is available as mixed colour only; select colour is not available in this material.

Our manufacturing process allows Seconds Colonial Sandstone to be produced as a by-product of our stone walling products.

For fencing, housing, entry statements and feature walling we invite you to also view our premium Sandstone Colonial Walling products Irregular Colonial Walling and Ashlar Colonial Walling. 

For larger garden stones please talk to the JHW staff about '1~2 Man Garden Mix'.

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For another option of Garden Edging we suggest Granite Kerbstones.

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