Porphyry Products

Porphyry stone was originally named for the beautiful deep purple colour of the igneous rock, with the name 'Porphyry' originating from the Greek term describing purple.  Recognised as a Royal colour, products of natural purple colouring have always been much sought after and J.H. Wagner & Sons is pleased to offer a range of Porphyry products suitable for Royalty but affordable for any project.  Porphyry is now used to describe a much wider range of rock and the colours available in our products include mixed colour - purple, brown, red and grey; red porphyry and light purple.   We also supply a range of split Porphyry in our Autumn Porphyry products.

J.H. Wagner & Sons offer the supply of Porphyry in Cobblestones, Paving Tiles with an exfoliated (flamed) face and Autumn Porphyry, suitable for external or internal areas. 

In addition to supply with an exfoliaged (flamed) face, Porphyry can also be supplied in honed, split, sawn and polished finishes.  Porphyry is a very hard and durable stone making it suitable for use in areas similar to those where granite would be used including driveways, pool surrounds, paths and public footpaths.

J.H. Wagner & Sons has limited range of Brisbane 'Tuff' Porphyry in mixed colour.

A notable achievement for J.H. Wagner & Sons was recognition of a 2010 Regional Award for Stonework on the Peoples Place Park at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane for processing and installation of reclaimed Brisbane Porphyry ~ Brisbane 'Tuff'. 

Peoples Place Parkland

Porphyry Cobblestones

Stone cladding veneers                                    Autumn Porphyry

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