Laser Etching Page 2

Display a photo history using Laser Etching on Black granite from J.H. Wagner & Sons.  Consider a photo collage from infant to adult and remember those special occasions in the permanent medium of granite.  Laser Etchings are priced on size and artwork preparation requirements. 

Answering questions about Laser Etching:-

Do the etchings need to be painted?

No, the Laser Etchings are able to be seen due to the contrast from the polished Black granite face to the area which has been etched.  No maintenance is required.

Will the etching fade?

No the etchings will not fade.  Laser Etched images and lettering can be placed inside or in full external locations.

What do I need to provide for a Laser Etched Portrait to be provided?

We need a good clear snapshot photo, but not your only copy.  Try to avoid photo's with excessive shadows or shading.

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