Concrete Reclining Desk Headstones

 Concrete Reclining Desk Headstones supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

J.H. Wagner & Sons provides small and large size Concrete Reclining Desk Headstones moulded in one piece including a mower strip base.  From your requirement of a single or double inscription the staff of J.H. Wagner & Sons will advise which headstone size is appropriate.  We supply both granite panels and Bronze Plaques which are attached to the headstone face for the inscription.  Concrete reclining desk headstones are the budget range of desk headstones available from J.H. Wagner & Sons.  For small memorial requirements please also consider a Black Granite Marker Desk. 

Concrete Reclining Desk Headstones Page 1 from J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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