Camellia Hills Golf & Country Club Japan

 Helidon Sandstone for Camellia Hills Golf & Country Club, Japan supplied by J.H. Wagner & Sons.

By name alone, the Camellia Hills Golf & Country Club Japan conjours up an image of landscape and architectural excellence.  The reality of this vision for members and visitors is just as pleasing and certainly enjoyable for those trying to conquer the greens.  The show piece of this extensive development is a truly impressive club house boasting a beautiful veneer of Australian Helidon Sandstone; supplied, processed and exported to Japan by J.H. Wagner & Sons.  From the entry statement to media room and balconies overlooking a world class golf course the Brown honed (smooth) sandstone is a stand-out feature.  We can't promise to sort out your golf technique, but we can guarantee the best finish for your project using JHW Wagnerstone. 


Camellia Hills Golf & Country Club Sandstone from J.H. Wagner & Sons.

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