Basalt Products from JHW

Basalt Crazy Paving

30mm thick Basalt Crazy Paving in random shapes and sizes available diamond sawn top and bottom faces or flamed (exfoliated) top face and diamond sawn bottom

Basalt Pavers & Capping

300mm x 300mm x 50mm and 600mm x 300mm x 50mm with flamed (exfoliated) top face and split edges; diamond sawn bottom.

Split Basalt Walling & Paving

80mm thick split square and rectangular Basalt suitable for walling and large style traditional cobble paving.  Available in 5m2 quantities of mixed sizes.

300mm x 150mm x 75mm walling and edging stones.

80mm thick irregular split Basalt walling.  Available in 6m2 quantities of mixed sizes or loose supply 1m2.

Sawn back irregular split Basalt cladding, approximately 40mm thick.

Basalt Stepping Stones

Sawn top and bottom faces with free-form natural edges.  Available with diamond sawn top or flamed (exfoliated) top face.

Basalt plank steppers with attractive longer length, free-form natural edges and flamed (exfoliated) top face.

Basalt Shaft Stones

As an impressive natural feature, JHW stock a range of Basalt Shaft Stones for your selection.   We can also process these stones into blade sections, cut, drill and polish surfaces to create highly interesting feature pieces.

Lava Pebble

Available in 20 kilogram bags, dark grey Lava Pebble provides an easy method of integrating the basalt colour scheme across your entire landscape.

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Basalt products from J.H. Wagner & Sons

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