About Sandstone Crazy Paving

The best selection of Sandstone CrAzY Paving is available for you at J.H. Wagner & Sons, suppliers of the beautifully natural Helidon Sandstone and conveniently located at Toowoomba and our bulk warehouse facility at Darra, Brisbane.

Artistic, informal or budget economy.

Sandstone CrAzY Paving is diamond sawn material of non uniform size, shape and sometimes thickness.  Shaping works or pattern matching will be at the discretion and design of the installer ~ 'Just like a sandstone jig saw puzzle'.

The sawn top and bottom makes CrAzY Paving an easy product to use both for paving and veneer walling.  Sandstone CrAzY Paving is suitable for use internally or externally.  Of course sandstone paving is an excellent non-slip product for paths, entertainment areas and pool surrounds (for salt water pools please use JHW Autumn Yellow).  Crazy Paving is a by-product from the excess or off-cuts of slab and tile production.  Any combination of sawn, split and broken edges, some imperfections and iron jointing may be found in Crazy Paving.  Any iron jointing or imperfections which do not suit the paving design should be removed by the installer.  This paving is not rubbed or honed and may vary in thickness.  Honing and thicknessing may be requested at an additional cost.

20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm are standard thicknesses for Sandstone Crazy Paving.

To make your purchase of Crazy Paving easier J.H. Wagner & Sons offer three material grades.

Crazy Paving Type 3 is the economy budget material, having varying sizes and mixed colours.  We offer Type 3 only from ex stock and will not cut this grade of Crazy Paving to order.  Our best description of Type 3 Crazy Paving is 'Take it as it comes' as no specification on the number of pieces per square metre is offered and the material may have sawn edges.  Mixed colour sandstone Crazy Paving may be any combination or percentage of the brown, pink and white tones.

Type 2 Crazy Paving once again provides varying sizes and mixed colour.  The advantage of Type 2 is approximately 5 to 10 pieces per square metre, allowing the installer more opportunities to shape pieces per square metre may allow for faster installation.  Type 2 Crazy Paving will be cut to order if not available from stock.  Type 2 is the mid price material from the sandstone Crazy Paving options.

For colour selection and ability to create shapes and patterns, Type 1 Crazy Paving is our select cut product.  Type 1 Crazy Paving is approximately 1 to 5 pieces per square metre with minimal sawn edges.  Some pieces of Type 1 Crazy Paving may be small slabs.  This is the only grade of Crazy Paving which offers selection of brown, pink or white sandstone.


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